Tummy Tuck

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You might be surprised how many men and women who never considered themselves candidates for plastic surgery decide to have a tummy tuck in Seattle, WA with Dr. Wandra Miles. The fact is, the abdomen is an area of the body that often undergoes significant change during a person's life, whether it's weight gain and loss, pregnancy or simply the effects of genetics and time. For a fortunate few, muscle and skin keep up with the changes. For others, it's a different story. If you're one of the latter, there's no need to blame yourself. It's likely that no amount of exercise and dieting will result in taut muscles and smooth skin. Dr. Miles can make that happen for you.

Find out more about abdominoplasty in Seattle, often called tummy tuck surgery. Request your personal consultation with Dr. Miles in her downtown office in the Cabrini Medical Tower, or in southern Alaska. She's ready to examine you, listen to your goals and advise you about all your choices.

Is it Right for Me?

A Good Choice for Mommies and Others

The best candidates for abdominoplasty are in good overall condition. Most have tried to shape up with diet and exercise and have realized over time that their torso is just not going to respond. Dr. Miles works with weight loss patients who need help resculpting muscles and skin to match their new slim bodies. She also works with many moms whose pregnancies have stretched their tummies to the point of no return. These patients often opt for what's popularly called a mommy makeover, combining tummy tuck with breast augmentation or another breast enhancement procedure.

Dr. Miles advises her Seattle patients considering abdominoplasty to think through all aspects of the results they can expect. "You will have a scar," she notes, "there's no way to avoid it." She takes care to place incisions low where scars will be concealed beneath bathing suits and underwear, and they fade with time. And, she notes, "Most patients feel the trade is worthwhile."

If you've decided to choose tummy tuck surgery to feel better about your shape, make another good choice when you select your surgeon. As a board-certified plastic surgeon and a person who enjoys outdoor activities herself, Dr. Miles understands the importance of having a physique that reflects your commitment to a healthy lifestyle. For answers to common questions, visit Dr. Miles' Tummy Tuck FAQ page.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Personalized for Your Unique Needs

For the majority of tummy tuck patients, the traditional approach yields the best results. Dr. Miles makes an incision across the lower abdomen from hip to hip, removing pockets of fat, tightening underlying muscles and eliminating excess skin. She will often make an incision around the belly button to reposition it during the procedure.

Some patients who have loose skin and muscles confined to the lower portion of the abdomen are candidates for a mini tummy tuck, involving a shorter horizontal incision and leaving the belly button in its original place.

After Abdominoplasty

Recovery & the New You

After your tummy tuck, you'll need to rest and take it easy for about two weeks, then begin resuming light activities gradually until you're ready to go back to work, usually after about three to five weeks depending on the nature of your job. You'll have a compression garment to wear under your clothes for a while to help control swelling and support sensitive areas. And most patients have drains to help reduce fluid build-up for the first several days post-op.

You will probably experience moderate discomfort that can be expected to peak on day two or day three after surgery. Dr. Miles usually suggests her patients use prescription medication for the first few days on schedule to ensure they keep post-operative pain under control. It's normal to feel quite tired for several days after your procedure and to find it difficult to walk completely upright for about a week.

During the second week after surgery, you should begin to feel more like your old self. By the third to fourth week, you can start adding back in many of your normal light activities and you'll start seeing your new figure emerge. You'll soon be able to resume all your activities, with a firmer, shapelier tummy that should last with good care.

Dr. Miles works with abdominoplasty patients in Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia and Alaska. Find out whether the procedure is for you when you request a consultation online or give us a call at 206-215-6221.